Alexander’s Top 10 favorite Siri features

The following are Alexander’s Top 10 favorite Siri features
  1. Home automation! I use Siri to turn on my office, living room and bedroom lights, and control my smart thermostat. In the near future I would like to completely automate my home.
  2. Placing a phone call. I use Siri to place all types of calls but I use Siri to call all 1-800 numbers especially.
  3. Word spelling. Im not the best speller. Having Siri spell out the word is a very handy feature!
  4. Playing music. I listen to music almost everyday. Just telling Siri to play whatever song is so much easier then looking it up! (until Siri hears me differently!).
  5. Identifying a song. Sometimes you hear a song on tv or the radio and you want to know the title. Now you can ask Siri “What is this song”.
  6. Opening Apps. Can’t find an app. No problem ask Siri to launch that app.
  7. Cooking (Timer). Sometimes while cooking you need to set a timer. Setting a timer with Siri is easier then setting one up on the annoying stove or microwave.
  8. Listening to voicemails.
  9. Basic Math
  10. Asking random things such as “Beatbox” “Rap” etc.