T-Mobile Prepaid $3 per Month Plan: Can you live with it?

T-Mobile has a $3 prepaid option for the most basic users. Over the last month I have tried to use the T-Mobile $3 per month plan with 30 minutes (Talk & Text combined). With this plan you do not get data, you simply get 30 minutes of talk or texts combined. Additional minutes/texts can be purchased via a T-Mobile refuel card. One of my problems I encountered was that you must load $10 per refuel. So adding $10 plus tax will get you 30 calls/texts with a remaining $7 for overuse credits. Extra calling minutes and text can be purchased via credit for $0.10 per calling min/ text. Since you don’t get data you are kinda stripped from the web and simple features like visual voicemail and Siri. If you connect to Wi-Fi you can get all these features back. I have noticed that you can access most T-Mobile websites via the web.

To add credits you can simply dial *233 from your prepaid phone and avoid using minutes. Calls to 911 (emergency), 611 (customer care) and *233 are completely free of minutes. One downside is that calling your voicemail will still waste your minutes. Since voicemail comes automatically set up.

I wanted to take a challenge 30 days with only this phone. After about ten minutes of using this phone I wanted my postpaid phone back. Over all I can see people using this service for kids or simply as an emergency phone.

So the simple answer is NO, I couldn’t last with the $3 T-Mobile plan. Im sure anyone who desperately needed to could live with this plan.

If you want to checkout this T-Mobile plan you can use this link: https://btag.club/2EuWEyn