Product Recommendations


HP Desk Jet 3700 All In One

I have been using the HP Desk Jet 3700 All In One for some time now and it is my favorite printer. You also can get a subscription ink service through HP.

Check out the HP Desk Jet Desk Jet 3700 All In One on Amazon by clicking HERE

If you do happen to get this amazing printer, you can get a free months worth of ink by clicking HERE

Wireless Routers/Modems

Google Wifi – 3 Pack

The Google Wifi 3 Pack is great for homes that have multiple floors or where the internet connection doesn’t reach.

Check it out on Amazon by clicking HERE

Xfinity Residential Gateway and Modem

I currently use the Xfinity Residential Gateway and Modem. I have found it very convenient to lease one from Xfinity directly ($10 per month). That way if the modem ever fails Xfinity will replace it.

If you would rather out right buy the modem you can check it out on Amazon by clicking HERE

Home Automation

Ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat

Get the Ecobee 3 on Amazon | Click Here

Read our review: ECOBEE 3 LITE REVIEW 

Smart Home Automation Speaker

I, Alexander use Google’s chain of “Google Homes”. I love my Google Homes.

Google Home | CLICK HERE

Google Home Mini | CLICK HERE

Google Home Max | CLICK HERE

Apple HomePod | CLICK HERE

Amazon’s Chain of Smart Speaker’s

Amazon Echo Gen 2 | CLICK HERE

Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 | CLICK HERE

Amazon Echo Show | CLICK HERE

Amazon Echo Spot | CLICK HERE

Smart Lights

I, Alexander love Philips Hue Lights. They are smart LED light bulbs that can be controlled from anywhere with the mobile app.

To get started I recommend the Philips Hue White Starter Kit.