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A Safe and Inviting Atmosphere

Social media can get scary, we believe in a safe and controlled platform. Our paid social media platform allows us to contribute to the community and provide the best user experience. No ads are our promise. We are taking a step up to ensure the community is a safe place.

Chatting just got better

Connect Chat is a communication portal to the entire community. It doesn’t just get people talking, it’s a rich and familiar space for people to share ideas, make friendships and live smart.

Why would I pay when Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is free?

Our goal is to create a safe, advertisement free platform for our customers and newcomers. We are not saying “Don’t use Facebook, Twitter, etc”. We want are own group of people who feel comfortable with our community.



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Our Team

  • Alexander Morrison

  • Gayla Morrison


  • Instant Messaging

    Think Facebook Messenger. But for our community. Connect Chat is designed to keep spam and ads out. Video chat with friends, family, or most important grandma. Wherever you are. Or invite up to 50 friends to video conference with rock-solid reliability. With unlimited file sharing, you’ll never run out of space to make decisions.

  • News Feed

    News Feed is a personalized guide to what’s going on in our community. So you can keep up to date with the information that matters – without getting distracted by the rest.

  • Creator Studio

    We are pulling in creators from other social media platforms and filtering out brand deals and advertisements so you can just see your favorite creators

  • Auto Translate

    Auto Translate makes global communication easy. When News Feed sees a post in a different language, it’ll offer to translate it there and then. No extra steps and no time wasted.

  • Live Video

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is priceless – and Live video is an entirely new way to think about communication.

  • Advertisement Free

    We hate ads and you probably do too! The thing about social media platforms is that with ads they can make millions, we see things different. No ads, no spam, more trust.

Get a feel what its like with Connect

When you join Connect it can be a little scary. We have made it super simple to get started. First above this page “Pricing” is a “Buy Now” button. Click on that button to be taken to our Connect Subscription Actions Page.

Once you see the blue “Proceed to checkout” button go ahead and select it. Enter your email address. This will be the primary way we contact you. Provide your First and Last name (preferably your legal name). Names like Mickey Mouse will not be accepted when processing your account. Shortened versions of your name such as Alex (Alexander). are accepted.

Next enter your billing information. Be sure to use the address that you can receive letters at. Add your credit card number, expiration date, and CVV number. Click next. Then select the “Pay [Amount] & Subscribe” button.

Please wait up to 24 business hours for your account to be provisioned then check your email for a access code. Click the “Login” button at the top of the page. Then select “Create Account With Your Access Code” button. Enter your one-time access code and create a password.

Need Some Help?

We know this can be confusing so please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Visit the Support Center

Sorry to hear you would like to cancel your Connect account. Things happen and we understand. If you are canceling your account due to Harassment or an inconvenience please contacts us at +1 877-659-4470 we would love to help! If you still wish to cancel your account visit this page Cancel My Connect Account