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Enable Emergency SOS on a iPhone

2. Click on Medical ID 3. Click the “edit” button and add your emergency contacts! 4. Return to your home screen and click on Settings. 5. Once in settings scroll down to “Emergency SOS” 6. Enable “Auto Call”. When you click your power button 5 times you will trigger an Auto Call. 7. Scroll down a little bit more and …

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How To Restore To The Old YouTube

To Restore to the old YouTube go to any YouTube page and click your profile picture and at the bottom click Restore. Thats It! To resume to the new YouTub go to

Request to be Twitter Verified

Click HERE to request to verify your Twitter account. Before you go to the link above you will need to have these tasks complete before submitting a request. 1.) verify your phone number 3.) Have a bio. Have your title such as “Social Media Influencer”, “CEO” “, etc in your bio along with your company twitter @. If your submitting …

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Website Hosting

Last Updated August 16. 2017 When it comes to Website Hosting I get asked the question “What Hosting provider should I use”? The answer is there are many ways you can host a website.   I typically recommend GoDaddy. You can get cheap hosting with great GoDaddy support. Pricing may very over time. If your interested in GoDaddy click HERE A …