DirectTV NOW Good or Bad?

After spending a week with Direct Tv Now subscription service, my thoughts! 🤔   Starting at $35 you can get quite a few channels including many local channels. With the price ranging from $35 to $70 for just basic channels, you can also add premium channel such as HBO ($5), Cinemax ($5), Showtime ($8), and Starz ($8). Definitely a discount …

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How to Send an Email from an Alias

In today’s video I will show you all how to send an email from an Alias. This class was taught in Google G-Suite! This is a very handy feature when it comes to paying the $5 or $10 fee for a G-Suite account. Want to checkout G-Suite? We are affiliates! Click our link below and we might get a commission.

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How To Restore To The Old YouTube

To Restore to the old YouTube go to any YouTube page and click your profile picture and at the bottom click Restore. Thats It! To resume to the new YouTub go to

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Cut The Cable for GOOD!

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for television you don’t watch? Your not alone! Today I’m going to recommend some services to help majorly reduce your bill. Recently I called our Network provider “Comcast” by Xfinity. Our bill was over $210.03 for our basic services. I wanted to get to the bottom of this. For Xfinity tripple play …