Malwarebytes for Mac 2018

I recommend Malwarebytes to everyone, windows and Mac users. Despite the misleading text Malware bytes is free. The free version will completely save your computer from adware or malware. The premium version enables this feature called “Real-time protection” basically the premium will detect the adware or malware and automatically remove it when prompted. Premium is still a great option to …

macOS Mojave: Switching To Dark Mode

  One of the many new macOs Mojave features is Dark Mode. Dark Mode changes the appearance of your mac. It makes the atmosphere dark. Simular to using Dark Mode with Twitter. Its a great feature for anyone who likes a darker appearance or doesnt have much light. Its perfect for working in the dark.   Does Alexander Recommend Dark …

How to take Remote control over someones computer [MAC]

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How to Create Mailing Labels on a Mac

This class is about Creating Mailing Labels on a Mac with any special software. *** The Correct Label Number is 8160 SORRY! *** Get the Special Labels 8160 on Amazon: