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8x8 is B Tag Inc's choice in Business Phone Service. Traditional phone companies lock you into expensive contacts. With 8x8 there is NO CONTRACTS! and each user gets Unlimited Minutes. All for $25. 8x8 has been super reliable to us as a company.

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Our Story:

Back in November 2018 we started to set out to find a new phone company. Our traditional business phone service from our Local Internet Service Provider (ISP) was charging us about $138.00 per month for 1 user and 10+ U.S. telephone numbers. Since we used a CRM, we had a main telephone number (800 number) multiple Direct Inbound Dial (DID) numbers for each user. The along with a no answer call forward number for CRM Voicemail Integration witch then costed more from our CRM. Being a small business, spending $138+ a month on business phone service without mobile functions, long distance and non reliable service outages that costed about 15% of each day trying to troubleshoot, that wasn’t fitting our budget. We contacted 8×8 who introduced us to Carlo Castrence, who is a 8×8 Small Business Sales Account Manager. Carlo was able to put together a quote while still using our Polycom phones. Within 1 week from the time of account creation, we had all our numbers that we needed to keep ported over with the littlest downtime. We reduced the number of phone numbers we needed to give out.

Looking back: 1 year later. We have saved $1,100+ dollars on phone service. We have increased our support and sales response time and were able to bring in a 24 hour live team to help take calls. With 8×8 we have been able to expand as a company. Thanks 8×8!